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Fundsmith Appoints Three New Partners

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Fundsmith LLP (‘Fundsmith’), the fund management company founded by Terry Smith, announces the appointment of Conrad Rey, Greville Ward and Daniel Washburn as Partners, subject to FCA approval.

Terry Smith, Founder and Chief Executive of Fundsmith, said:

“I am delighted to welcome Conrad, Daniel and Greville as Partners in the business. All three have been with Fundsmith since inception and are core members of our team, having made significant contributions to the firm’s development. It is therefore appropriate that they should share directly in it, further aligning their interests with the success of the firm and our funds.”

“My existing fellow partners and I remain firmly in place and are delighted to expand our partnership. This is an important step in the development of Fundsmith, and one which will be followed by further initiatives to broaden and strengthen the firm as we seek to ensure we continue to provide a worthwhile service to our investors for a long time to come.”

Conrad is a Sales Director at Fundsmith, responsible for relationships with intermediaries; Greville leads interaction with high net worth individuals and international investors; and Daniel is a research analyst, working closely with Terry and Fundsmith’s Head of Research, Julian Robins.

The three new Partners, each of whom have a significant co-investment in Fundsmith’s funds, join the firm’s founding Partnership consisting of Terry Smith (Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer), Mark Laurence (Chief Operating Officer), Simon Godwin (Chief Financial Officer) and Julian Robins (Head of Research).

Fundsmith Equity Fund

The Fundsmith Equity Fund offers investors a high quality, concentrated portfolio of 20-30 resilient global growth companies which are held for the long term. Since inception to the end of July 2018, the fund’s AUM has grown to £16.2bn and it has delivered a total return of 296.8% or 19.5% annualised, net of fees.