Fundsmith Equity Fund
692.28p T Class Acc, 23 Jul 24

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Payment type

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a savings account available to UK residents on which the return is tax-free and which need not be declared on the investor’s tax return. All income (dividends and interest) and all capital gains within the account are free of tax. For the current year, 6 April 2024 to 5 April 2025 the overall investment limit is £20,000 (excluding the British ISA which has a separate £5,000 limit).


About the fund

Key Investor Information Docs (KIID)

These documents provide you with key investor information about this fund. They are not marketing material. The information is required by law to help you understand the nature and risks of investing in this fund. You are advised to read them so you can make an informed decision about whether to invest. If you are unsure about the suitability of this fund, please consult a financial adviser.


Forms for individuals




If you wish to make an ad-hoc withdrawal, please complete the Withdrawal Form. If you wish to withdraw a portion of your investment on a regular basis as ‘income’, please use the Regular Withdrawal Form.

Other forms

If you wish to change your address, add bank details to an account for withdrawals, or add a monthly direct debit then please login to the myAccount section of the website. Alternatively you can complete the relevant form below. Please note, a monthly Direct Debit may only be setup using a UK Bank account.

Forms for companies / entities


These forms are for Entities (e.g. Pensions, Private Companies, Trusts, Charities etc.) wishing to invest with Fundsmith. You must first complete the Entity Account Opening Form and provide the required Anti-Money Laundering documents for us to review and process your application. If the application is successful, you will receive an account number and may then submit a Dealing Form. We have also provided a link to the latest version of the Wolfsberg Questionnaire for those Entities that are required to provide one. Please note that the form must be signed and dated by the MLRO, or equivalent Financial Crime Compliance Senior Manager.

Other forms

Below you can find an additional page to add more individuals (associated parties) to your account if necessary. You can also complete a 'coverall' form if you wish to add new bank account details to your account for withdrawals and distributions, or use the Direct Debit Mandate form to set up a direct debit instruction.


Additional forms

Additional Permitted Subscriptions (APS)

We recommend that you read the General Guidance document before completing any forms. These forms can be used to open an APS ISA with Fundsmith. They can also be used to transfer an APS allowance, invest cash or transfer ‘in-specie’ into the Fundsmith APS ISA.

Declaration forms

If you have been asked to reply to a request for Source of Funds or Wealth, you can find the relevant form below